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Emergency Roadside Assistance

AVS is based in Loveland and provides maintenance and repair services to a variety of vehicles. Among the vehicles we service are: Diesel trucks Construction equipment Forklifts Cranes Diesel and propane engines Light to heavy duty pickups Ariel man lifts Specialty equipment and machinery.   Service Area We serve a large swath of northern Colorado In Colorado, the areas served include...  Read more

The Advantage Of Diesel Fuel

For years, there’s been a debate over whether diesel fuel is the superior fuel to unleaded gasoline fuel. Anybody involved in mobile diesel repair is likely to have an opinion, and a strong one. In the United States, unleaded is used more often, while in Europe, the majority of vehicles use diesel. There’s specific advantages to both, and we’re going to examine a few of those today r...  Read more

Tips for Winter Driving in Colorado

AVS is a fleet maintenance and repair company based in Loveland and serving Colorado’s Northern Front Range and southern Wyoming. We service diesel, gas and propane engines. Colorado’s economy is doing pretty well right now (knock on wood), and a large number of jobs that have come to the state are truck driving jobs. Unless you are Colorado born and raised, you might not know how to ...  Read more

Keep The Fleet Moving

Advanced Vehicle Services is a full-service, large vehicle service and repair company located in Loveland, CO. We serve Colorado and Southern Wyoming. We service diesel, gas, and propane engines. One of our areas of focus is fleet maintenance and repair. We can service your whole fleet, from small forklifts and light-duty pickups to the largest construction equipment, big rigs, and even cr...  Read more

Do You Know What To Do When You Break Down?

AVS is a fleet maintenance and repair service based in Loveland CO and serving much of Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming. We do fleet maintenance, DOT inspections and roadside assistance. It is this last item that we will discuss in more detail today. No matter how well you maintain your diesel truck breakdowns happen they just do. But what do you do when they happen can save your lif...  Read more

AVS 24-Hour Roadside Mechanic

AVS is your mobile, 24-hour roadside mechanic! But you don’t have to wait until you breakdown to call us. We also perform fleet maintenance to keep your vehicles on the road. We offer full-service diesel mechanic services, but you can do your part so we’ve put together some tips for you and your diesel truck. Of course, your time is valuable and we would be happy to perform these regul...  Read more


Welcome to AVS Advanced Vehicle Serves. We are a mobile fleet service and repair company operating out of Loveland, CO and serving much of Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming.  We were founded by Jeremy Cornelius in 2012 when he saw there was a niche in the market for a crew of  full-service diesel mechanics who would work on any motor anywhere, any time thus responding to real life i...  Read more

Mobile Diesel Repair Northern Colorado

AVS is Northern Colorado’s Top Mobile Diesel Repair company & we are second to none. Whether it FORKLIFTS, TRUCKS, TRAILERS, LOADERS, BULLDOZERS, ETC. We accommodate all your fleet repair and service needs. Calling a different company for evey piece of equipment is over. We can accommodate the whole fleet/ warehouse. Staffed with only master mechanics with a wide variety of experienc...  Read more